This machine can use two functions in one. Product such as Medicine box , Video Box , Book , Toy , magazine , Electronics parts , etc.

Best Seller

JW-HVC-510 /2SA

Vacuum Air Sealing Bag System Model JW-HVC-510 / 2SA Stainless steel structure that prevent the rush Convenience movement with wheels. Various programs system with digital show for easy to use.

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JW-AW 6035-SR

Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine  Model : SKP-AW 6035-SR

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JW-FRM-980 I

Horizontal Continuous Sealing Machine Table Sealing Type. Model SKP FRM-980 II .

Best Seller

JW-FL-5545 TBC + JW-SM-5030

JW-FL-5545 TBC + JW-SM-5030 Automatic Packing with L-seal Automatic and POF Film Shrink with Tunnel machine can increase capacity per day and speed faster than use labor.

Best Seller

JW FL-5545TBB + JW SM4525

Automatic L-sealing to increase speed and capacity per day with conveyor that design for move products collaboration with feeding POF Film balance perfection

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Fully Automatic Outerbag Packaging System

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