About us
We Established in 2001 about sale Machine and Packaging Machine business. In 2003 we expanded business name is S.K.P. INTERPACK to full start conduct business to Export and sell about Food Processing Machine and Packaging Machine in various type and bigger. Such as Printing, Foods, Cosmetics, Medicine and Supplementary food to support need of any size of business. We have been accepted from customers and many customers get service from us.
S.K.P. INTERPACK Co.,Ltd glad to present that we sell and import in many type of machine follow as:

                          Packaging Machine

                                                 - L-Seal Auto Machine

                                                 - Shrink Tunnel Machine

                                                 - Vertical Packing Machine

                                                 - Horizontal Packing Machine

                                                 - Carton Sealing Machine

                                                 - Vacuum Machine

                                                 - Continuous Band Sealer Machine

                                                 - Full Outer Bag Packing System
                          Snack and food processing Line

                                                 - Extruder Machine

                                                 - Roaster Machine

                                                 - Continuous Fried Type Snack Machine

                                                 - Cashew nut bar processing line

                                                 - Wafer Stick Machine
                         Machine Parts

                                                 - Shrink Film POF/PVC

                                                 - Date Printing

                                                 - Ink Roll / Carbon / Ribbon

                                                 - Tear - Tape

We concern and seriously to find out the quality of manufacturer. Free consult and recommend to help customer reduce cost and add value of product and we focus on after sales service about parts machine and maintenances. All customers got satisfied in our products and services and always tell others people about us. We are number one about Food Processing Machine and Packaging Machine with over 20 Years’ experience.




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