Extrusder Twin Screw


SKU : เครื่องฉีดขนม เครื่องขึ้นรูปขนม Extruder Twin Scr

Extruder Twin Screw machine use for produce snack such as Corn snack , Coco crunch , rice Cereal , Stuffed , etc.


Screw head is high duration (Twin screw) produce from Special iron in 3 types as Chromium , Aluminum and Aluminum alloy that effect Long Lifetime for use. 

Main Appropiate  Ingredients for this machine is Corn flakes, grits and wheat flour (100%) 

Snack shape product can change via using mole. So this machine be worth for investment, high performance to working and short payback period.


Tecnical Information

Capacity upto 200-250 kgs./hr. (Depend on Ingredients for produce)

380 Volt. 37 Kw. 3 Phase.

Weight 1,020 kgs.

W 760 mm. x L 3,200 mm. x H 1,860 mm.

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