Wafer Stick Machine

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Wafer Stick Machine


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This machine makes rolled wafer sticks completed with cream. The rolled wafer sticks can be made particularly attractive by using two different colored batters to shown on the cover photo. To make the sticks, a batter is poured onto the baking drum, turned into a continuous nozzle, filled with cream, cut and fed down a slide to a collecting conveyor. The thickness and the width of the strip of batter can be adjusted. The sticks are fill with cream through hole inside of the nozzle during winding and this does not does affect the capacity of the machine

          The machine has a baking drum made of a grey cast alloy and mounted on the pillow block bearing. This machine is heated with town gas or LPG gas and a temperature sensor measures the temperature of the baking drum, which indicated on the external control panel. The machine can make roller wafer sticks in lengths from 60 to 180 mm with the simple manual operation. Using different nozzle can vary the diameter of roller wafer sticks. The speeds of the nozzle are variable and adjusted with the variable motor. A photoelectric sensor activates the rotating knives.




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Wafer Stick Machine

Wafer Stick Machine

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