Single Roller Film Wrapping Machine




Main Features

1. Classic shape, beautiful, novel structure, unique, easy operation and maintenance.
The use of pneumatic expansion support film roll, electronic sensor film delivery, sending film
stable, fast and convenient for membrane.
2. unique “bottles vibration”(patented technology) can make the product smoothly separated,
avoiding the phenomenon of bottle squeezing
3. Feeding conveyor and host length is 1.6 meters longer than other company configured,
conducive to the bottle sorting , effectively increased membrane rods working- frequency,
dramatically reduced the transmission line speed and increased tolerance of equipment performance.
4. Shrink oven using a unique circular air -supplying technology, achieved multi-direction air
flow control technology, adjustable wind speed, adjustable outlet position, greatly improved the
shrinking effect.
5. Shrinkage chamber using the newly developed open structure outside to facilitate maintenance;
thick insulation layer, energy-saving effect, high temperature control accuracy.
6. Man-machine interface: B & R LCD color screen, user-friendly interface, parameter setting fast.
7. Electrical Configuration: Most of the whole electrical components are selected from imported
high-quality brands. With more than 10 years of optimal configuration, stable and reliable.
8. The machine adopts energy-saving technology design, saving 30% electricity consumption,
low-carbon, environmental protection than the previous generation.

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