Continuous motion side sealing & Shrinking Packagers

SKU : Fl-5545TBJ+SM-5030LH

This machine use for Perfect seal in each side of sealing in various product such as CD Box, Picture pack, Book, Magazine, Electronics product, etc.


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Product Description


-          Sealing system control by Servo for perfect sealing. It’s comfortable for packing or sealing product such as Book, Magazine, Electronics product, CD, Box, etc.

-          Servo system working effect to can flow packing and smooth.

-          Feeding Product conveyor can adjust speed automatically.

-          Movement feeding system by manual or automatically.

-          Reader system about color, Date for product.

-          Available to increase Logo and can print on plastic or film.

-          High speed system and can screen product thru the mirror to see and check product inside.

-          Belt can adjust the speed depend on product.

-          Push tools Product (Belt) use for control distance between product for better shrink.

-          Continuous working can affect to reduce cost and save film more 50% can make more profit to customer.


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