Sleeve wrap Sealing machine Model ST-6030AH+SM6040M

SKU : ST-6030AH+SM-6040M

Automatic Operation System of ST-6030AH+SM6040M machine that designed for only group packing with out tray. This machine can connecting with another producing line with difference quantity packing such as 6 , 9, 12, 18, 20 or highest for 24 Bottles per pack.


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Product Description

L-seal machine Model: ST-6030AH with technology for good performance and stable for working combine with Temperature controller Omron brand that can define for number of rows follow as 2 rows 3 rows 4 rows and 5 rows. Conveyer speed can adjust to feeding product. Special design cutting tool for more performance more beautiful cutting (Depend on product), Use chain to drive motor for move product, Stand equipment is coat with Silica gel that durable and long life.



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