Tube Filling & Sealing Machine RGNF-30B


Tube Filling & Sealing Machine RGNF-30B


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Product Description


1.       Pipe for liquid , Position point identifier, Liquid filling, Hot air Sealing , Code printing and working control system.

2.       Filling liquid Pipe working by use pneumatic that is accuracy and trusting.

3.       Available to define rim size of packaging.

4.       Stainless steel 316L that standard for produce medicine.

5.       Safety for use when machine working abnormality will auto – stop suddenly and prevent to over quantity filling product.

6.       Available for filling product such as toothpaste, Lotion Cream, etc. into the tube

7.       PLC. Touch screen for control machine.

8.       Sealing when filling product into the tube.

9.       Easy operation, remove, Cleaning and maintenances.

10.    Heating Head is quality Parts from Switzerland.

11.    Packing tolerances do not exceed +/- 1%.

12.    Emergency Stop Bottom for safety when machine abnormality.

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